Joris Kattemölle

PhD candidate in theoretical physics at QuSoft and the University of Amsterdam. My main research interest is the interface of many-body physics and quantum computation.

Contact information

joris at kattemolle dot com

So what do you do?

I've written three articles to explain quantum computing to a broad audience. They were originally published in Dutch on Below you can also find the machine translated versions, which are quite good.

Deel I: Makkelijk of Moeilijk? Part I: Easy or Hard?
Deel II: Encryptie, bits en qubits Part II: Encryption, bits and qubits
Deel III: Echte qubits Part III: Real qubits

Likewise, I've written an article on The Firewall Paradox as a part of a series on black holes.

Zwarte gaten, deel 9: De Firewall-paradox Black holes, part 9: The Firewall Paradox




I created the quantum emulator HeisenbergVQE, tailored to the emulation of Variational Quantum Eigensolvers for the Heisenberg model. (03/02/2021)

Quantum circuits in Python using nothing but Numpy (08/05/2020)

Commutation relations cheat sheet (26/02/2020)

Slides on 'Conditions for superdecoherence' (13/11/2019)

Slides on 'Dynamical fidelity susceptibility of decoherence-free subspaces' at YQIS 2019 (27/09/2019)

Slides for my popular science talk at Pint of Science Utrecht (21/05/2019)

A note on notation in Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity (07/02/2019)

Poster on 'Dynamical fidelity susceptibility of decoherence-free subspaces' (PRA 99, 062340 (2019)) (21/08/2018)

I designed the logo for the research program 'scanning new horizons' (10/01/2018)

Short intoduction to quantum computing (lecture notes) (07/11/2017)

Poster on 'Entangled Wavepackets in the Vacuum' (JHEP10(2017)092) (09/05/2017)

Sheet music: klein, klein Jezuken (In Dutch)