Joris Kattemölle

PhD candidate in theoretical physics at QuSoft and the University of Amsterdam. My main research interest is Quantum Information, be it in the context of Quantum Computing or High Energy Physics.

Contact information

joris at kattemolle dot com

So what do you do?

I've written three articles to explain quantum computing to anybody interested. They were originally published in Dutch on Below you can also find the machine translated versions, which are reasonably good.

Quantum Computers
Deel I: Makkelijk of Moeilijk? Part I: Easy or Hard?
Deel II: Encryptie, bits en qubits Part II: Encryption, bits and qubits
Deel III: Echte qubits Part III: Real qubits

Likewise, I've written an article on The Firewall Paradox as a part of a series on black holes.

The Firewall Paradox
Zwarte gaten, deel 9: De Firewall-paradox Black holes, part 9: The Firewall Paradox




Slides for my talk on 'Dynamical fidelity susceptibility of decoherence-free subspaces' at YQIS 2019 (27/09/2019)

A note on notation in Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity (07/02/2019)

Poster on 'Dynamical fidelity susceptibility of decoherence-free subspaces' (PRA 99, 062340 (2019)) (21/08/2018)

I designed the logo for the research program 'scanning new horizons' (10/01/2018)

Short intoduction to quantum computing (lecture notes) (07/11/2017)

Poster on 'Entangled Wavepackets in the Vacuum' (JHEP10(2017)092) (09/05/2017)